Torrent downloader terms of use
!!!!READ ME!!!!

Now available in RED until people start reading it

First, fully search the site to make sure your file is not ALREADY ON THE SERVER!
Search manually as the search bar is not updating

Don't download stupid sizes of movie. downloads go to an external quarantine drive
where space is limited. also, streaming will not work with movies over 2gb
there have been people downloading 1080p files at 30gb. any large files will be instantly deleted.
Please avoid downloading h265 movies: they are incompatible with older systems. You are downloading for the community, not just yourself!
If you notice your torrent has been deleted, DONT just add it again. ADMIN deleted it for a reason,
or MOVED it to: these files going byebye soon , or ADMIN LIKED what you
downloaded, and filed it on the main server system FOREVER!
Don't try to use my site as a free storage server for your own paysite.
you will get banned and shut down.

Don't download porn unless it has merit outside of masturbation purposes.
vintage, comedy, historical etc MAY be permitted
(contact me on the messageboard or via the signal QR at the bottom of this page)

Don't bung up the torrent client with torrents without seeds.
Please take the time to find a good torrent, with a reasonable filesize and many seeds.
If you need to get a rare file that may take a long time to get seeds,
contact me and i will move it to a different client were it can spend as long as it needs, and then reseed.

Sometimes I may replace your torrent with smaller size, more seeds, etc.
If your torrent keeps getting deleted, you most probably didn't follow the rules above.


          me on signal
SCAN THIS CODE IN SIGNAL TO CONTACT ADMIN, or contact via blyadchan imageboard